Untuk versi Melayu tekan Disini

Step 1
You can check the router wifi name and password behind the router .

Step 2
Router using micro size simcard

Step 3
Insert simcard to the router .

Step 4
Peel off the plastic on the battery.

Step 5
Insert the battery

Step 6
Press the on button for 3-5 second until all the router light turn on .

Step 7
Open your device wifi and connect with the router (you can find the router name at the step1 )

Step 8
key-ing the password (you can find the router password at the step1 )

Step 9
If you want to change the router name and password go to the website that state in the manual.

Step 10
Open the this link on any browser

Step 11
login the account (
you can see the account username and password in step 1)

Step 12
Open - Advanced - APN Setting -Profile 1

Step 13
Key-ing all the information and click save Configuration .

Step 14
Open Wifi - Wifi Security - Change to new password - Save

Step 15
Open Wifi Setting -SSID -Change router name - Click Change Wifi Setting .

Step 16
Open Advanced - Device Information - Click Restart 

Step 17
Connect the wifi connection back and can start use as usual 

Video Guide