How to connect wifi ??

Step 1 
Click the system symbol 

Step 2
Click Network

Step 3
Click your wifi

Step 4

Insert your Wifi Password and click enter

Step 5

Have Problem with App Ads ?

Step 1
Open AdsAway App

Step 2
Click the mouse symbol on the remote control to turn on the mouse cursor

Step 2 
Turn on the AdsAway using mouse .

Step 3
After turn on it will become red color .

How to add subtitle on live channel on Sky4K app ?

Step 1
Click the : on the right side of the screen using the mouse cursor 

Step 2
Click Caption

Step 3
Click Any subtitle language you want.

Step 4
Press the back arrow and click the screen to start watching the movie/drama with subtitle . 

How to watch Live Channel ?

A)Malaysia Live Channel 

-To Watch Malaysia Live Channel Can open SKY4K app or 6TVMY app

-Malaysia Live Channel List on SKY4K app 

--an Example  of a Malaysia  Channel from the SKY4K app.

-Malaysia Live Channel List on 6MYTV app

-an Example  of a Malaysia Channel from the app

B)China Live Channel 

-For China live channel can watch on this app 电视家今日影视 , SKY4K .

-China live channel list on 电视家 app

-China Live Channel list on 今日影视  app 

-an Example  of a China Channel from the app 今日影视  .  

-China live channel list on Sky4k App

C)Singapore Live Channel 

-To Watch Singapore Live Channel Can open SKY4K app 

-Singapore Live Channel List on SKY4K app 

-an Example  of a Singapore Channel from the app

D)Indonesia Live Channel 

-To Watch Indonesia Live Channel Can open SKY4K app , Live Net TV app or RedBoxTV .

-Indonesia Live Channel List on SKY4K app 

-Indonesia Live Channel List on Live Net TV app 

-Indonesia Live Channel List on RedBoxTV app .

-an Example  of a Indonesia Channel from the app

E)India Live Channel 

-To Watch India Live Channel Can open Live Net TV app or RedBoxTV .

-India Live Channel List on Live Net TV app 

-India Live Channel List on RedBoxTV app .

-an Example  of a India Channel from the app

D)UK / US /FR / IT Live Channel

-To Watch UK / US /FR / IT Live Channel Can open SKY4K app , Live Net TV app or RedBoxTV .

-UK / US /FR / IT live channel list on Sky4k App

-UK / US /FR / IT Live Channel List on RedBoxTV app .

-UK / US /FR / IT Live Channel List on Live Net TV app 

-an Example  of a UK / US /FR / IT Channel from the app

What app that can watch movie , drama & TV show ?