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It has been a week that Lingcod tv IPTV service is down. After contacting their technician, we are shocked to know that the service provider - Shenzhen Sunway media Ltd. has closed all communication channels and shut down all servers, which have affected all Lingcod TV users worldwide including Australia, Taiwan, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore. USA.. and many other areas. As a dealer, we are impacted & flooded with complains and enquiry about the disruption of service. Here are answers for the most critical questions you are concerned:


Question 1

Customer: Are you also running away like this China company? 

Botato: Certainly NO! BOTATO is a reliable Malaysia based company. We are responsible to our customer since day 1. We understand the importance to keep the promise, even it imposed a huge Loss to our company.


Question 2

Customer: So what now? When will my service be resumed?

Botato: Yes it will, soonest possible as this matter is our top priority now. We are sourcing for and will provide a backup plan in accordance to the balance period of your subscription. We highly appreciate your patience & understanding, as we have huge amount of customers to assist to on 1 by 1 basis. We have to ensure no one being overlooked.
Kindly contact our customer service on Facebook PM.  Our Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/botatoelectronics/


Question 3

Customer: How will you compensate? My subscription is valid until xxxxxx?

Botato: Yes, we will provide replacement plan according to the balance of your subscription. Please refer to the replacement plan.... 


Question 4

Customer: I bought Lingcod tv from other dealers, could you provide the replacement plan to me?

Botato:  Sorry we are not able to do that. The replacement plan are exclusive for our customers only that we have promised to. Please proceed to your dealers for other possible plan. 


Question 5

Customer: So this replacement is provided by Lingcod TV partners? or other companies? will i get the same service?

Botato: The new service is provided by a new company we have signed with. Since everything happened in a suddent it has left us a very limited time to work on solution. We understand most of customers are from households with elders and children who need tv service on daily basis and concerned about when the service will be back on. Our customers and us both become victims in this accident. Fortunately the new IPTV will provide the even better service compared with old TSTV. Numbers of live channels are increased from 280+ to 680+. including popular Malaysia and Singapore channels, Sport Channels, Movie Channels and more. If you are not fully willing to transfer to this service, you can contact our customer service for a 7 days test before making the final decision. 


Click me for full details of  the replacement plan

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