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Dear Customer,


We appology for the incovenience cause and appreciate your great understanding of the situation. 


Before we can provide the replacement plan, there is a simple verification process you need to go through to prove the lingcod tv service is purchase with us. Please provide the valid information below to our customer service on facebook messenger, please note we do not have direct contact with Lingcod TV any more.. if you can only provide TOP Up code or Box MAC.. it will  take time to verify. 

Infromation can be verifed fast: 

1). The sales receipt       

2). Order number from platform( please indicate which platform, example lazada? shopee? 11street? facebook? ....ect. )

3). Bank in slip , chat history or email with our customer service on whatsapp, wechat , facebook or emails.  


Information that will take time to verify .. up to 3 working days:  

4). Top up code / renewal code0

5). You name and contact number     

6). Mac address of your box ( Normally to be found on the bottom of the box )

* Please note the verification may take up to 3 working days depends on what type of information you can provide. Please only contact our facebook messenger for the latest update. Chasing on whatsapp , wechat or email for the same case will generate duplicated service tickets and slow down the progress eventually. 


The replacment plan is provided by the new IPTV company which currently only provide 1 year subscription service without other options. According to the Length of your subscription, we can only provide the replacement paln following the method blow: 


(***Tips to Speed up the process: Please always contact our facebook page only - as we have a special team dealing this case on facebook only. Keep contacting our whatsapp, wechat, email at the same time will create more useless service tickets and slow down the progress eventually.)


1. Old TSTV remaining Subscription more than 10 month

We will compensate with 1 year subscription with new service provider with the cost on us. For some customers, We understand 1 year replacement is not enough to match your previous subscription for customers who have subscribed 3 years, we will topup your subscription after we succesfully replace every customer.  


2. Old TSTV remaining Subscription between 1 Month to 10 Month

The replacement full 1 year service ( RRP :RM290 ) will be provided with amount of surcharge charge which is refered to your old TSTV remaining subscription. We will also offer one month free on the top of this plan. For example, If you have more than 9 Month subscription remaining but less than 10 month, you only need to pay RM290 / 12 month = RM24 ... yes, RM24 only to get full 1 year repalcement to conpensate your old subscription. You can also check the chart below for the pacific surcharges required: 

10 - 11 Month - Free

10 - 9Month -  RM24

9 - 8 Month -    RM48

8 - 7 Month -    RM72

7 - 6 Month -    RM96

6 - 5 Month -    RM120

5 - 4 Month -    RM144

4 - 3 Month -    RM168

3 - 2 Month -    RM192

2 - 1 Month -    RM216

Less than 1 month - RM240 


3. How to Make Payment


A. The payment can be made on our website with the link below


B. Or Directly Bank in to our company account : 

Public Bank 




***After Payment is done, please send the proof of payment to our facebook customer service for verification. thank you.

Click me to contact customer service on facebook

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