KODI 17.6

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Disclaimer: All apps shared below are sourced from internet. We botato electronics DO NOT develop , maintain or update any of them. As well we are not able to help solve the issue on installation or playing these apps too. If you do not agree the above term, you may stop reading from now. Thank you for your understanding.


免责声明: 以下所有分享的app均来自互联网。我公司并不负责开发,维护和更新以下任何一个app。所以我们也无法协助解决由于这些app在安装和使用中产生的任何问题。如果您不同意以上条款,无需继续阅读下面的内容 ,谢谢您的理解。



TIP: If you are not familiar with IT or computer stuff, we suggest you to get assistance from a friend to continuo the steps below.





This is a great app that everyone needs.

You could download it for free from Kodi.tv. 


However kodi itself doesnt provide any content than a basic player only. 

We Botato have collected the most popular addons and made it 

backup file.


You just need to follow the step below 

and everything will be there in your box .


By the way, we do not maintain 

these addons which are developed by each indivitual programer. 

It might be under performance, it might be below your expectation. 


But its free for life.. but with no commitment. as long as it works.. enjoy ! 


WOKIE ~~~~ so how do we get it ?


Keep reading :


1. please download kodi and the back up files from the link below



2.Copy 2 downloaded files to your thumb drive and unzip the kodi backup to your thumbdrive.


3. Double check if everything ready in your thumbdrive


4. Plug this pendrive your tv box USB port. Install kodi apk to your tv box


5. Follow the video guide below to restore BOTATO kodi backup file.


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