DVB T2 Box Setup Guide

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If you have problems set up your DVB T2 box, Check this video and Tips below :)  





The UHF (Ultra High Frequeency) Aerial (Antena) Really Imprtant


The UHF aerial needs to be installed and connected to the decoder's or IDTV's aerial terminal. There are two types of aerials that can receive digital broadcast:



Outdoor Aerial

Outdoor aerials are the best choice as they can fully receive broadcast signals when they are facing the broadcasting station. ‘Booster’ devices are not necessary for the aerial as they not only do nothing to help, but rather, they disrupt the reception of  DVB T2 signal.


Indoor Aerial

The indoor aerial can receive signals within a 25km radius from a nearby broadcasting station. However, some areas within that range may not receive a signal if there are physical obstructions such as tall buildings or hills.

There are many types of Indoor aerial (antena) you can find in the market. Here is the result of signal strength we have tested in our KL office. You may take it as reference when you buy yours


1. The one doesnt work at all 

2. Very weak, Most of time not working properly, pictures breaking. 

3. Medium, Sometimes pictures breaking. 

4. Best performance, Strong signal strength, Hardly see pictures breaking. 




*IMPORTANT !!! *Further tips about how to place your antena



1. It can not be placed too close to power plug or the signal will be weaken.


put it a bit further , more than 1 meter away.. the signal will be back on




2. The indoor antena must face to the right direction from your hosue to Mytv station. 

For more information about mytv station nationwide:

Please refer to the link below:



Like the example below if face front.. there is no signal detected



Change the facing direction, face back .. Signal back .  it may be different in your house, you can try different direction until you get the signal.

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